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About us
gatekash.com GROUP LTD

Welcome to the company gatekash.com GROUP LTD!

gatekash.com LIMITED is a new product of international collaboration and merging of corporate interests on the international level. The way of the company has been started from a small union of like-minded people in the field of FOREX trading in 2012. Through the next 6 years, we have grown into a serious investment company that is able to constantly give up to 180% of net to our partners.

Our investment ideology is lean on a long term strategic point for everyone, looking to delivered ideal investment profits with acceptable levels of risk and consistent value creation in line with investment objectives. Both our organizational and individual clients can choose from variety of diversified, structured investment plan that meet their investment needs across whole stages in life.

Our partners are our principal asset. We understand that every hour spent at work is an hour away from house and family. We often try to show them how thankful we are and much we respect their qualities. We trust in the importance of motivation and, what matters most, equal opportunities. We seek to help the society which also helps that much all of us. Having humanistic qualities at heart, we bear the responsibility for support of any attempts to improve education, protect the environment, healthcare and society in general.

But fantasies can only become true if you work towards them. Even building wealth is nо different. At gatekash.com GROUP LTD, we provide the best online opportunities for web investment, risk management and consultative services to both organizational and individual investor around the planet. We offer a variety of goods and functions of asset classes for any type of investors including Forex, Stock, Index and investment in various fund.

And it’s also important to note that gatekash.com GROUP LTD is officially registered broker company in London, UK with the number: 012345829. We use the revenue from investment activities for automated and manual trading on the FOREX market, accelerating the development of the product, learning and trading algorithms. gatekash.com GROUP LTD values its name and is keen on a long and fruitful collaboration. Our opportunities and prospects are unlimited, so we invite you to join our regular client today and get a double benefit from investment activities and FOREX trading.

  • gatekash.com Group Limited

    has undergone official registration and works at the market on the legal basis only.

  • Adress:

    56 Cawnpore Street, Upper Norwood, London, SE19 1P, UNITED KINGDOM

  • License:

    № 012345829



We have created an easy investment platform with a diversity of services and user-friendly interface.


Our algorithm can quickly observe trends, follow up with decisions, be online 24/7, reduce errors, process information rapidly and make rational decisions.


We have created a unique intuitive website that can be used by absolutely anyone, regardless of their computer skills.


Our financial and technical experts are in touch round the clock and will answer any question. You can contact them at any time of the day or night!