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Rules and agreement


This agreement is between gatekash.com GROUP LTD (further "Company") and the investor (further “Investor”) and is obligatory by both parties throughout the entire cooperation period. The term of this agreement starts from the date of publication and ends after the termination of cooperation of the parties.

01 General provisions

1.1. To cooperate with the company only the full aged customers registered on the site and meet the requirements of all provisions of this agreement.

1.2. A status of Investor is assigned to a user immediately after registration, and then the company provides him full access to the entire functionality of the site.

1.3. Disagreement with one or more points means a full refusal of the Investor from the use of this website for investment purposes.

1.4. Personal details of the Investor are stored on the company's servers are encrypted and under no circumstances cannot be transferred to a third party.

1.5. The registration certificate of the company and available for viewing on the website.

1.6. Company registration carried out in the UK, and all activities are carried out in accordance with the legal regulations of this country.

02 The rights and obligations of the company

2.1. The company agrees to use funds received from the Investor, solely for the purposes indicated in the statutory documents.

2.2. The company guarantees the accrual and payment of dividends in accordance with the terms of the tariff plan, chosen for the Investor.

2.3. Forbidden partial or complete copy of design, materials or instruments held on the website of the company and protected by copyright.

2.4. Any transaction made by an Investor, are irreversible. The company is not responsible for the erroneous actions of the Investor and does not compensate for losses caused by the fault of Investor.

2.5. The company guarantees safe storage and protection of personal data of the Investor, as well as information about its actions within the framework of this investment project.

2.6. The company is not responsible for the malfunctioning of electronic payment systems used by the investor as well as for possible damages resulting from technical failures in those resources.

03 The rights and obligations of the investor

3.1. By registering on the company website, the investor confirms his consent to the processing of personal data under applicable law.

3.2. Registration on the website implies automatic acceptance of the Investor to adhere to all provisions of this agreement.

3.3. To obtain the status of the investor must complete the registration process, during which the investor is obliged to provide their actual data.

3.4. Responsibility for each produced investor transaction is assumed by the investor.

3.5. The investor has the right to contact technical support the company on issues related to problems with the deposit or withdrawal of profit.

3.6. The investor is prohibited from performing any actions that may be regarded as a threat to the safety of the site caused financial or image loss to the company. Upon detection of such action, the account of the Investor will be immediately blocked together with confiscation in the accounts of funds.

3.7. The investor has no right to create multiple accounts. If there are multiple accounts created with the same IP address, they will be blocked from confiscation under their cash balance without the right of return.

3.8. The investor is not allowed to create accounts using their own affiliate links, that amounts to fraud and constitutes grounds for the closure of all accounts of this user and also permanently confiscate the funds in the accounts.

3.9. The investor agrees not to violate international law regarding the prohibition on the use of financial transactions, money received as a result of illegal or criminal acts.

3.10. Responsibility for the payment of taxes in accordance with the laws of the country of residence rests with the Investor.

04 The ability to change the clauses of the agreement

4.1. The company reserves the right to modify or amend this agreement without notice. The new edition of the agreement enters into force upon publication on the website.

05 Force majeure

5.1. Emergence of force majeure, beyond the control of company and investor, is the basis for the termination of cooperation for an indefinite period without any financial claims.

06 A controversial situation

6.1. Any disputes arising in the process of cooperation between the Investor and the company, should be resolved in the negotiation process. If you cannot find a mutual decision between the parties of the conflict they have the right to consideration in the courts.

07 Reasons for termination of cooperation

7.1. Any of the parties may initiate the termination of a business relationship.

7.2. The company reserves the right to terminate the cooperation with the Investor in case of any breach of this agreement or the commission of other illegal acts.

7.3. The investor has the right to terminate its participation in the investment project at any time without explanation.